Tips and tricks for your move

Step 1 – Anticipate

Many things can be fixed in advance. Take care of all the formalities regarding your dream home and arrange transport for your move.

  • Order an excerpt from the debt collection register (most landlords and property managers require this document in addition to the application form).
  • Sign the lease contract for the new home and terminate the old one on time. Always send the termination letter by registered mail.
    Important: the letter of cancellation (or letter of notice) must reach the landlord at the latest on the last day before the start of the cancellation period. As such, it is not the postmark but the date on which the landlord receives the notice of termination that will serve as proof.
  • In case of early termination, indicate to the owner three replacement tenants who are able to take over the accommodation under the same conditions, otherwise the rent will be due until the end of the ordinary leave.
  • In the case of a common lease between flatmates: include a clause in the contract allowing for transfers.
  • (new roommate in/out of an old roommate)
    Grouping of household insurance / legal expenses insurance
  • Place an ad for the old home
  • Cancel telephone, Internet and/or TV subscriptions for the old accommodation and transfer them to the new accommodation.
  • Change the address of the radio/TV licence fee address.
  • Disposal of special waste and bulky items

Step 2 – Think of everything

There are some things you don’t do every day, but only when you move. And we have thought of these things for you: from preparing the boxes of underwear to disposing of expired medicines.

  • Choosing the moving company and blocking the dates in advance
  • Announce the departure to the commune
  • Notify the following organizations of the change of address:
    Health Insurance
    Car insurance (notify any change in parking conditions leading to a change in premium: garage or outdoor parking space)
    Employer / emergency contact update
    Bank / Postfinance / Credit card company
    Schools / Kindergarten
  • Make a request for the reshipment of items to the Post Office.
  • Notify the electricity/gas supplier of the move and have the meters read.
  • Sort out the household, ancillary rooms, cellar, garage, attic and garden, request boxes if necessary from the removal company
  • Take expired and unused medicines back to the pharmacy or to a collection centre
  • Drop off clothes you no longer need at the Used Textile Drive
  • The day of the move: to be indicated to the employer (as a rule a day off, possibly take extra days)
  • Restitution of the old dwelling in the presence of the lessor
  • Set the date for handing over the new home
  • Sanitary installation for the connection of the washing machine (have the connection made by a professional)
  • If necessary, provide a handyman for repairs in the old apartment.

Step 3 – The move!

Choosing the right moving company…

Step 4 – That’s it! What next?

Sleep well in the new home? What remains to be done in the coming days: register with the residents’ registration office in the new town, change your driving licence address and think of a small gift for your helpers as a thank you. Some removal companies offer relocation services…

  • Announcement of arrival in the new commune
  • Change of address at various stores (online)
  • Ask for the refund of the deposit, if this has not already been done
  • It is imperative to notify the lessor of any damage to the rental property that has not yet been mentioned in the inventory of fixtures and fittings and to have them recorded in the document.
  • Make the change of address on the driving and traffic permits (10 days deadline, change of address possible online for the driving permit).
  • Register with the electrical utilities in the new place of residence.